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Effect of the failure criterion on the laboratory fatigue response prediction of hot-mix asphalt mixtures [Efecto del criterio de fallo sobre la predicción de la respuesta a fatiga en laboratorio de mezclas asfálticas]Reyes-Ortiz, O.J.; Alvarez-Lugo, A.E.; Limon, P.--
Effects of a Symbiotic on Gut Microbiota in Mexican Patients With End-Stage Renal DiseaseCruz-Mora, J.; Martinez-Hernandez, N.E.; Martin del Campo-Lopez, F.; Viramontes-Horner, D.; Vizmanos-Lamotte, B.; Munoz-Valle, J.F.; García-García, G.; Parra-Rojas, I.; Castro-Alarcon, N.--
Testosterone, androstenedione, and 5?-dihydrotestosterone on male sexual behavior and penile spines in the hamsterOliva, D.; Cuevas, E.; Pajares, G.; Zaldivar, D.--
Discrete-time adaptive backstepping nonlinear control via high-order neural networksLlamas-Garro, I.; Brito-Brito, Z.; Pradell, L.; Giacomozzi, F.; Colpo, S.--
Tests assessment for multiple comparisons of in vitro gas curves, from the root of the mean square distanceJay, O.; Torres, V.; Marrero, Y.; Torres, P.--
Effect of lodging type on the internal temperature and humidity of colonies of Melipona colimana (Hymenoptera: Meliponini) from a Mexican temperate zoneRodriguez-Sahagun, A.; Acevedo-Hernandez, G.; Rodriguez-Dominguez, J.M.; Rodriguez-Garay, B.; Cervantes-Martinez, J.; Castellanos-Hernandez, O.A.--
Discrete-time decentralized inverse optimal neural control for a shrimp robotLopez-Franco, M.; Sanchez, E.N.; Alanis, A.Y.; Lopez-Franco, C.; Arana-Daniel, N.--
Malocclusion and TMJ disorders in teenagers from private and public schools in Mexico CityAlanis, A.Y.; Ornelas-Tellez, F.; Sanchez, E.N.--
Effect of nicotine administration on feeding behavior [Efecto de la administración de nicotina sobre la conducta alimentaria]Rodriguez, L.M.M.; Moreno, A.G.M.--
Effect of necrosectomy and vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) on mitochondrial function and oxidative stress markers in severe acute pancreatitisLeyva-Porras, C.; Esneider-Alcala, M.A.; Toxqui-Teran, A.; Marquez-Lucero, A.; Aguilar-Martinez, J.A.--