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Discrete Wigner function dynamicsCastillo-Toledo, B.; Di Gennaro, S.; Loukianov, A.G.; Rivera, J.--
Effects of parents' educational level, school type and gender on the development of attention and memory [Influencia del nivel educativo de los padres, el tipo de escuela y el sexo en el desarrollo de la atención y la memoria]Villasenor, E.M.; Martin, A.S.; Diaz, E.G.; Rosselli, M.; Ardila, A.--
Effect of metformin and sibutramine on insulin sensitivity and adiposity in obese patientsTovar-Cisneros, C.; Gonzlez-Nuez, R.; Rodrigue, D.--
Effect of the frequency on the gas sensing response of CoSb2O6 prepared by a colloidal methodMann, J.F.E.; Schmieder, R.E.; Dyal, L.; McQueen, M.J.; Schumacher, H.; Pogue, J.; Wang, X.; Probstfield, J.L.; Avezum, A.; Cardona-Munoz, E.; Dagenais, G.R.; Diaz, R.; Fodor, G.; Maillon, J.M.; Ryden, L.; Yu, C.M.; Teo, K.K.; Yusuf, S.--
A random matrix theory of decoherencePineda, C; Kohler, H; Seligman, TH--
Effects of behavior-modifying education in the metabolic profile of the Type 2 diabetes mellitus patientCabrera-Pivaral, C.E.; Gonzalez-Perez, G.; Vega-Lopez, G.; Gonzalez-Hita, M.; Centeno-Lopez, M.; Gonzalez-Ortiz, M.; Martinez-Abundis, E.; Gonzalez Ojeda, A.--
Effect of misalignment errors on the optical transfer function of the synthetic aperture telescopesFlores, J.L.; Paez, G.; Strojnik, M.; García, G.--
Discrete-time backstepping induction motor control using a sensorless recurrent neural observerSanchez, E.N.; Alanis, A.Y.; Loukianov, A.G.--
Effect of the nutritional recovery on the concentration of Interleukin-2 in severely malnourished children [Efecto de la recuperación nutricia sobre la concentración de Interleucina-2 en niños con desnutrición grave]Reed, C.; Fofanov, V.; Putonti, C.; Chumakov, S.; Slezak, T.; Fofanov, Y.--
The +49A>G CTLA-4 polymorphism is associated with rheumatoid arthritis in Mexican populationVega Rivera, J.H.; Montano, I.M.; Rappole, J.; Cerda, F.C.--