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Synbiotic therapy decreases microbial translocation and inflammation and improves immunological status in HIV-infected patients: A double-blind randomized controlled pilot trialOrtiz-Ibarra, H.; Casillas, N.; Soto, V.; Barcena-Soto, M.; Torres-Vitela, R.; de la Cruz, W.; Gomez-Salazar, S.--
Temporal evolution of the size distribution during exchange kinetics of pluronic P103 at low temperaturesSevilla-Escoboza, R.; Buldu, J.M.; Pisarchik, A.N.; Boccaletti, S.; Gutierrez, R.--
Synthesis of l-cystine nanotubes by alkalinization of l-cysteine in the presence of gallium nitrideJasso-Gastinel, C.F.; García-Enriquez, S.; Gonzalez-Ortiz, L.J.--
Synthesis and characterization of aluminum complexes incorporating Schiff base ligands derived from pyrrole-2-carboxaldehydeCarbajal Arizaga, G.G.; Huerta Escamilla, C.; Xiao, M.--
Tannin content in the bark of two species of paracata (Erythroxylon compactum Rose and Senna skinneri Benth. Irwin & Barneby) [Contenido de taninos en la corteza de dos especies de parácata (Erythroxylon compactum Rose y Senna skinneri Benth. Irwin & Barneby)]Colin-Urieta, S.; Ochoa-Ruiz, H.G.; Rutiaga-Quinones, J.G.--
Syntactic processing in Turner's syndromeInozemtseva, O.; Matute, E.; Zarabozo, D.; Ramirez-Duenas, L.--
Synthesis and characterization of poly(n-hexyl methacrylate) in three-component microemulsionsKatime, I.; Arellano, J.; Mendizábal, E. M.; Puig, J.--
Syntactic analysis of sports headlines in six Mexican online newspapers [Análisis sintáctico de titulares deportivos en la versión electrónica de seis periódicos mexicanos]Ramirez, S.Q.--
Synthesis and characterization of copolymers of styrene and N-methylolacrylamideFrias, J.B.; Lopez, F.J.; Alonso, N.; Mendizábal, E. M.; Puig, J.E.--
Techniques sporting connection and junction in journalistic texts [Técnicas de nexión y junción en textos periodísticos deportivos]Ramirez, S.Q.--