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A relaxed temporal consistency approach for real-time concurrency controlAguilar-Garnica, E.; García-Sandoval, J.P.; Gonzalez-Figueredo, C.--
An asymptotic observer-based monitoring scheme for a class of plug flow reactorsAguilar-Garnica, E.; García-Sandoval, J.P.; Aceves-Lara, C.A.; Escalante, F.M.E.--
Cascade hybrid control for anaerobic digestion systemsGarcía-Sandoval, J.P.--
Dynamical modeling for biodiesel production from grease trap wastesAguilar-Garnica, E.; Rodriguez-Palomera, F.; García-Sandoval, J.P.; Escalante, F.M.E.--
High prevalence of autoantibodies to RNA helicase A in Mexican patients with systemic lupus erythematosusGarcía-Sandoval, J.P.; Castillo, B.; Gonzalez-Alvarez, V.--
Just how bad is it? Comparison of the mental health of Mexican traumatic brain injury caregivers to age-matched healthy controlsAguilar-Garnica, E.; Silva-Romero, Y.E.; Hernandez-Montelongo, R.; García-Sandoval, J.P.; Aceves-Lara, C.-A.--
On the non-ideal behavior of the homogeneous esterification reaction: a kinetic model based on activity coefficientsHernandez-Montelongo, R.; García-Sandoval, J.P.; Aguilar-Garnica, E.--
Salvia albicalyx and Salvia topiensis (Lamiaceae), two new species from Durango, MexicoSchaum, A.; García-Sandoval, J.P.; Alvarez, J.; Gonzalez-Alvarez, V.--
Satellite measurements of the Angstrom exponent using an innovative mathematical method to identify seasonal aerosolsGarcía-Sandoval, J.P.; Castillo-Toledo, B.; Gonzalez-Alvarez, V.--
Thermodynamic approach to rheology of complex fluids: Flow-concentration couplingAguilar-Garnica, E.; García-Sandoval, J.P.--