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Administration of Lupinus albus Gamma Conglutin (C?) to n5 STZ Rats Augmented Ins-1 Gene Expression and Pancreatic Insulin ContentVargas-Guerrero, B.; García-Lopez, P.M.; Martinez-Ayala, A.L.; Dominguez-Rosales, J.A.; Gurrola-Diaz, C.M.--
Alkaloid profiles of Mexican wild lupin and an effect of alkaloid preparation from Lupinus exaltatus seeds on growth and yield of paprika (Capsicum annuum L.)Przybylak, J.K.; Ciesiolka, D.; Wysocka, W.; García-Lopez, P.M.; Ruiz-Lopez, M.A.; Wysocki, W.; Gulewicz, K.--
Conservation of Lupinus rotundiflorus y Lupinus exaltatus forage via silage [Conservación del forraje de Lupinus rotundiflorus M. E. Jones y Lupinus exaltatus zucc. Mediante ensilaje]Herrera-Velazco, J.M.; De Lourdes Isaac-Virgen, M.; Rodriguez-Macias, R.; Zamora-Natera, J.F.; Ruiz-Lopez, M.A.; García-Lopez, P.M.--
Effects of alfalfa protein concentrate on spatial learning and memory in weaned ratsGarcía-Lopez, P.M.; Alfaro, N.; García-Estrada, J.; Banuelos-Pineda, J.; Gurrola-Diaz, C.M.; García-Lopez, J.S.; Rodiles, C.G.; Ruiz-Lopez, M.A.; Garzon-de La Mora, P.--
Effects of Hibiscus sabdariffa extract powder and preventive treatment (diet) on the lipid profiles of patients with metabolic syndrome (MeSy)Gurrola-Diaz, C.M.; García-Lopez, P.M.; Sanchez-Enriquez, S.; Troyo-Sanroman, R.; Andrade-Gonzalez, I.; Gomez-Leyva, J.F.--
Epidemiological risk for Trypanosoma cruzi transmission by species of Phyllosoma complex in the occidental part of MexicoGurrola-Diaz, C.M.; Sanchez-Enriquez, S.; Oregon-Romero, E.; García-Lopez, P.M.; De La Mora, P.G.; Bastidas-Ramirez, B.E.; Gonzalez-Hita, M.; Munoz-Valle, J.F.--
Escherichia coli O157 in ground beef from local retail markets in Pachuca, MexicoPilarski, R.; Gurrola-Diaz, C.M.; García-Lopez, P.M.; Soldevila, G.; Olejnik, A.; Grajek Wl.; Gulewicz, K.--
LC-MSMS profiling of flavonoid conjugates in wild mexican lupine, lupinus reflexusStobiecki, M.; Staszkow, A.; Piasecka, A.; García-Lopez, P.M.; Zamora-Natera, F.; Kachlicki, P.--
Natural decay resistance of Eysenhardtia polystachya (Ortega) Sarg.García-Lopez, P.M.; Muzquiz, M.; Ruiz-Lopez, M.A.; Zamora-Natera, J.F.; Burbano, C.; Pedrosa, M.M.; Cuadrado, C.; Garzon-De La Mora, P.--