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An alpha-lipoic acid-vitamin E mixture reduces post-embolism lipid peroxidation, cerebral infarction, and neurological deficit in ratsGarcía-Estrada, J.; Gonzalez-Perez, O.; Gonzalez-Castaneda, R.E.; Martinez-Contreras, A.; Luquin, S.; De La Mora, P.G.; Navarro-Ruiz, A.--
Astrocytic and microglia cells reactivity induced by neonatal administration of glutamate in cerebral cortex of the adult ratsMartinez-Contreras, A.; Huerta, M.; Lopez-Perez, S.; García-Estrada, J.; Luquin, S.; Beas-Zárate, Carlos--
Beneficial effects of ?-lipoic acid plus vitamin E on neurological deficit, reactive gliosis and neuronal remodeling in the penumbra of the ischemic rat brainGonzalez-Perez, O.; Gonzalez-Castaeda, R.E.; Huerta, M.; Luquin, S.; Gomez-Pinedo, U.; Sanchez-Almaraz, E.; Navarro-Ruiz, A.; García-Estrada, J.--
Cerebral cortex and body growth development of progeny of rats exposed to thinner and turpentine inhalationGarcía-Estrada, J.; Rodriguez-Segura, A.; Garzon, P.--
Chronic exposure of juvenile rats to environmental noise impairs hippocampal cell proliferation in adulthoodJauregui-Huerta, F.; García-Estrada, J.; Ruvalcaba-Delgadillo, Y.; Trujillo, X.; Huerta, M.; Feria-Velasco, A.; Gonzalez-Perez, O.; Luquin, S.--
Dehydroepiandrosterone, pregnenolone and sex steroids down-regulate reactive astroglia in the male rat brain after a penetrating brain injuryGarcía-Estrada, J.; Luquin, S.; Fernandez, A.M.; García-Segura, L.M.--
DNA and protein concentration of cerebrum, cerebellum and liver is modified by sodium diphenylhydantoinate [EL DIFENILHIDANTOINATO SODICO MODIFICA LA CONCENTRACION DE ADN Y PROTEINAS EN CEREBRO, CEREBELO E HIGADO]Navaroo-Ruiz, A.; Garzon, P.; García-Estrada, J.; Gonzalez-Hita, M.--
Early exposure to noise followed by predator stress in adulthood impairs the rat's re-learning flexibility in Radial Arm Water MazeJauregui-Huerta, F.; Ruvalcaba-Delgadillo, Y.; García-Estrada, J.; Feria-Velasco, A.; Ramos-Zuniga, R.; Gonzalez-Perez, O.; Luquin De Anda, S.--
Effects of alfalfa protein concentrate on spatial learning and memory in weaned ratsGarcía-Lopez, P.M.; Alfaro, N.; García-Estrada, J.; Banuelos-Pineda, J.; Gurrola-Diaz, C.M.; García-Lopez, J.S.; Rodiles, C.G.; Ruiz-Lopez, M.A.; Garzon-de La Mora, P.--
Improved methodology to measure surface tension and its application to polystyrene or poly(methyl methacrylate) in styrene solutionsMedina-Hernandez, V.; Ramos-Loyo, J.; Luquin, S.; Sanchez, L.F.C.; García-Estrada, J.; Navarro-Ruiz, A.--
Inhalation of organic solvents during the last third of pregnancy in Sprague-Dawley rats. Somatometric and cerebellar consequences in newborn animals [Inhalación de solventes orgánicos durante el último tercio del embarazo de ratas Sprague-Dawley. Consecuencias somatomótricas y cerebelosas en neonatos.]García-Estrada, J.; Navarro-Ruiz, A.; Banuelos-Pineda, J.; Gomez, V.; Albarran-Rodriguez, E.; Garzon, P.--
Long-Term Effects of the keepin' it REAL Model Program in Mexico: Substance Use Trajectories of Guadalajara Middle School StudentsRamos-Zuniga, R.; Gomez, P.U.; Navarro Ruiz, A.; Luquin De A, S.; García-Estrada, J.--
Nicotine and fluoxetine induce arousing effects on sleep-wake cycle in antidepressive doses: A possible mechanism of antidepressant-like effects of nicotineLemus, M.; Montero, S.; Leal, C.A.; Portilla-De Buen, E.; Luquin, S.; García-Estrada, J.; Melnikov, V.; De Alvarez-Buylla, E.--
Progesterone regulates corticosterone elevation and alterations in spatial memory and exploratory behavior induced by stress in Wistar rats [La progesterona regula la elevación de corticosterona y las alteraciones en memoria espacial y conducta exploratoria inducidas porestrés en ratas Wistar]Diaz-Burke, Y.; Gonzalez-Sandoval, C.E.; Valencia-Alfonso, C.E.; Huerta, M.; Trujillo, X.; Diaz, L.; García-Estrada, J.; Luquin, S.--
The effects of the social environment on the brain [Efectos cerebrales del medio ambiente social]Valencia-Alfonso, C.E.; Feria-Velasco, A.; Luquin, S.; Diaz-Burke, Y.; García-Estrada, J.--
Understanding the magnetic susceptibility measurements by using an analytical scaleGarcía-Estrada, J.; Tapia-Arizmendi, G.; Feria-Velasco, A.; Aleman, V.--
Unpolarized states and hidden polarizationChavez-Delgado, M.E.; Gomez-Pinedo, U.; Feria-Velasco, A.; Huerta-Viera, M.; Castro Castaneda, S.; Lopez-Dellamary Toral, F.A.; Parducz, A.; Luquin-De Anda, S.; Mora-Galindo, J.; García-Estrada, J.--