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Gaussians on the circle and quantum phaseKlimov, Andrei B.; Chumakov, S.M.--
General approach to Gu(n) quasi-distribution functionsKlimov, Andrei B.; De Guise, H.--
General properties of quantum optical systems in a strong-field limitChumakov, S.M.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Sanchez-Mondragon, J.J.--
General properties of quantum systems interacting with a field mode in a low-Q cavityKlimov, Andrei B.; Romero, J.L.; Saavedra, C.--
Generation and detection of photons in a cavity with a resonantly oscillating boundaryDodonov, V.V.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Graph states in phase spaceKlimov, Andrei B.; Munoz, C.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.--
Group-theoretical approach to the construction of bases in 2n-dimensional Hilbert spaceGarcia, A.; Romero, J.L.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Inequivalent classes of closed three-level systemsKlimov, Andrei B.; De Guise, H.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.--
Isotropic and squeezed fluctuations in an n-qubit systemMunoz, C.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Maximally entangled states of four nonbinary particlesGaeta, M.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Lawrence, J.--
Mimicking a Kerrlike medium in the dispersive regime of second-harmonic generationKlimov, Andrei B.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; Delgado, J.--
Non-negative Wigner functions for orbital angular momentum statesRigas, I.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Rehacek, J.; Hradil, Z.--
Nondiffracting beams for vortex tomographyRehacek, J.; Hradil, Z.; Bouchal, Z.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Rigas, I.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.--
Nonlinear cross-Kerr quasiclassical dynamicsRigas, I.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; Leuchs, G.--
Photodetection using Bose-Einstein-condensed atoms in a microtrapWallentowitz, S.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Quantum correlations support probabilistic pure state cloningRoa, L.; Alid-Vaccarezza, M.; Jara-Figueroa, C.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Quantum light depolarization: The phase-space perspectiveKlimov, Andrei B.; Romero, J.L.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; Messina, A.; Napoli, A.--
Quantum phases of a qutritKlimov, Andrei B.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; De Guise, H.; Bjork, G.--
Quantum polarization tomography of bright squeezed lightMuller, C.R.; Stoklasa, B.; Peuntinger, C.; Gabriel, C.; Rehacek, J.; Hradil, Z.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Leuchs, G.; Marquardt, C.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.--
Quantum state reconstruction of an intense polarization squeezed stateMarquardt, C.; Heersink, J.; Chekhova, M.V.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; Andersen, U.L.; Leuchs, G.--