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Central-moment description of polarization for quantum states of lightBjork, G.; Soderholm, J.; Kim, Y.-S.; Ra, Y.-S.; Lim, H.-T.; Kothe, C.; Kim, Y.-H.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Coherent structures in quantum optical models with dissipationChumakov, S.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Saavedra, C.--
Collective atomic dynamics in a strong quantum fieldChumakov, S.M.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Sanchez-Mondragon, J.J.--
Combining Jaynes-Cummings and anti-Jaynes-Cummings dynamics in a trapped-ion system driven by a laserRodriguez-Lara, BM; Moya-Cessa, H; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Competing interactions and quantum nonspreading wave packetsChumakov, S.M.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Saavedra, C.--
Complete sets of mutually unbiased operators in n-qudit systemsGarcia, A.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Comprehensive theory of the relative phase in atom-field interactionsDelgado, J.; Yustas, E.C.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Degrees of polarization for a quantum fieldSanchez-Soto, L.L.; Soderholm, J.; Yustas, E.C.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Bjork, G.--
Depolarization for quantum channels with higher symmetriesKlimov, Andrei B.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.--
Differential form of the star product for SU(2) Stratonovich-Weyl symbolsKlimov, Andrei B.; Espinoza, P.--
Discrete coherent and squeezed states of many-qudit systemsKlimov, Andrei B.; Munoz, C.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.--
Discrete phase-space approach to mutually orthogonal Latin squaresGaeta, M.; Di Matteo, O.; Klimov, Andrei B.; De Guise, H.--
Discrete Wigner function dynamicsKlimov, Andrei B.; Muoz, C.--
Dispersive atomic evolution in a dissipative-driven cavityChumakov, S.M.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Saavedra, C.--
Dissipation in collective interactionsSaavedra, C.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Chumakov, S.M.; Retamal, J.C.--
Distance-based degrees of polarization for a quantum fieldKlimov, Andrei B.; Sanchez-Soto, L.L.; Yustas, E.C.; Soderholm, J.; Bjork, G.--
Entanglement enhancement for two spins assisted by two phase kicksBurlak, G.; Sainz, I.; Klimov, Andrei B.--
Entanglement generated by a Dicke phase transitionSainz, I.; Klimov, Andrei B.; Oppliger, L.R.--
Exact evolution equations for SU(2) quasidistribution functionsKlimov, Andrei B.--
Finite-dimensional quantum systems: Complementarity, phase space, and all thatSanchez-Soto, L.L.; Klimov, Andrei B.; De Guise, H.--