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Title: STR data for 15 loci in a population sample from the central region of Mexico
Author: Hernandez-Gutierrez, S.
Hernandez-Franco, P.
Martinez-Tripp, S.
Ramos-Kuri, M.
Rangel-Villalobos, H.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: A Mexican population sample was obtained from the central region of the country, including five states. Two hundred and eleven individuals were PCR-typed for 15 STR loci with the AmpFι STR Identifiler PCR amplification kit (Applied Biosystems). The following autosomal markers were analyzed: D8S1179, D21S11, D7S820, CSF1PO, D19S433, vWA, TPOX, D18S51, D3S1358, TH01, D13S317, D16S539, D2S1338, D5S818, FGA and Amelogenin. Allele frequencies for each STR were estimated and compared to previous reports. Genotype distribution by locus and by two loci combination was in agreement with Hardy-Weinberg expectations for all 15 STRs. This STR system in Mexican-mestizos presented a combined probability of exclusion (PE) and discrimination (PD) longer than 99.999%. © 2004 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
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