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dc.contributor.authorSandoval-Garcia, F
dc.contributor.authorPetri, M
dc.contributor.authorSaavedra, MA
dc.contributor.authorCruz-Reyes, C
dc.contributor.authorJara-Quezada, L
dc.contributor.authorDavalos, I
dc.contributor.authorSalazar-Paramo, M
dc.contributor.authorGamez-Nava, I
dc.contributor.authorGonzalez-Lopez, L
dc.contributor.authorGarcia-Iglesias, T
dc.contributor.authorCorona-Sanchez, E
dc.contributor.authorZavaleta-Muniz, S
dc.contributor.authorVargas-Ramirez, R
dc.contributor.authorArreola, JA
dc.contributor.authorVazquez-Del Mercado, M
dc.contributor.authorMartin-Marquez, BT
dc.titleR577X Alpha-Actinin 3 ACTN3) polymorphism Is Associated with Inflammatory Myopathies in Mexican population
dc.typeMeeting Abstract
dc.relation.ispartofjournalARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM
dc.contributor.affiliation[Sandoval-Garcia, Flavio; Corona-Sanchez, Esther; Vargas-Ramirez, Raul] Univ Guadalajara, Inst Invest Reumatol & Sistema Musculo Esquelet, Guadalajara 44430, Jalisco, Mexico; [Saavedra, Miguel A.; Cruz-Reyes, Claudia; Jara-Quezada, Luis] Inst Mexicano Seguro Social Mexico DF, Ctr Med La Raza, Mexico City, DF, Mexico; [Davalos, Ingrid] Univ Guadalajara, Ctr Univ Ciencias Salud, Inst Genet Humana, Dept Biol Mol & Genom, Guadalajara 44430, Jalisco, Mexico; [Salazar-Paramo, Mario] Univ Guadalajara, Ctr Univ Ciencias Salud, Dept Fis, Guadalajara 44430, Jalisco, Mexico; [Gamez-Nava, Ivan] IMSS, Ctr Med Nacl Occidente, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; [Gonzalez-Lopez, Laura] Hosp Reg Zona 110, Inst Mexicano Seguro Social IMSS, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; [Garcia-Iglesias, Trinidad] Univ Guadalajara, Ctr Univ Ciencias Salud, LabInmunol, Guadalajara 44430, Jalisco, Mexico; [Aguilar Arreola, Jorge] Hosp Civil JIM, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
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