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Title: Using chitosan as a nucleation agent in thermoplastic foams for heavy metal adsorption
Author: Gonzalez-Nunez, R.
Vazquez, M.O.
Bernache, J.
Gomez, C.
Robledo-Ortiz, J.R.
Ramirez-Arreola, D.E.
Rodrigue, D.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Summary: Thermoplastics/chitosan-powder composite foams were prepared by extrusion using azodicarbonamide (ACA) as chemical blowing agent. The effect of chitosan content on morphology (cell size, nucleation density and foam density) of the foams was studied. Chitosan particles are located on the bubbles periphery. Morphological quantification showed that foam cell size decreased and cell population increased with addition of chitosan into polymeric matrix from 1 to 10%. Further, optimum chitosan content was obtained for each polymer. Polymers foamed with chitosan were tested as a chelating resin to adsorb chromium (Cr VI) from different concentration solutions.
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