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Title: Classical electrodynamics from a generalised field-strength tensor
Author: Romero, J.
Bruce, S.
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: We exploit some symmetries in Maxwell-Lorentz's equations by completing some vacancies of (independent) scalar field content. To this end, we consider three steps: 1) Maxwell's equations in vacuum constitute a set of eight partial differential equations; six EM field component variables; and the sources have four electric current components. 2) Once magnetic monopoles are included, we study whether this system can include two new EM-like scalar fields so that a full symmetry may be accomplished, i.e., 3) [nS, nF, nD](c) = [8, 8, 8], where nS, nF, nD indicate the number of independent sources, fields, and partial differential equations. After solving some basic problems by following standard procedures, we comment on the various procedures to accomplish second quantization. © Società Italiana di Fisica.
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