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Title: Muscle amino acid profile of Macrobrachium tenellum and chemical score of used protein in its feeding [Perfil de aminoácidos del músculo de Macrobrachium tenellum y cómputo químico de proteínas usadas en su alimentación]
Author: Espinosa Chaurand, L.D.
Vega Villasante, F.
Nolasco Soria, H.
Carrillo Farnes, O.
Lopez Lopez, S.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Freshwater prawns Macrobrachium tenellum were used to determine the content of amino acids (aa) of the muscle, and the chemical score of the main ingredients used in feeds for the species was determined. The separation and identification of aa is carried out by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorescence detection. The calculation of chemical score was obtained by dividing the value of essential aa between aa of the reference protein. The most abundant aa in muscle were glutamic acid (16.14%), lysine (9.60%) and aspartic acid (9.06%) and the lowest were methionine (2.88%), histidine (2.52%) and the tryptophan (0.47%). The first limiting amino acid for fishmeal was threonine and histidine for squid meal; and as a second limiting aa arginine and threonine, respectively. In wheat flour first and second limiting amino acids were lysine and threonine, in soybean meal, methionine and lysine, respectively. For feed formulation for M. tenellum intends to use a combination of plant and animal proteins that approximates the amino acid profile of the species.
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