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Title: Mechanical properties of injected molded PCL/TPS nanocomposite blends
Author: Ramirez-Arreola, D.E.
Sandoval-Hernandez, G.
Arellano, M.
Gomez, C.
Gonzalez-Nunez, R.
Rodrigue, D.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Injected molded nanocomposite blends based on PCL/TPS and Cloisite 15A (C15A) were prepared and its mechanical properties were studied. The injected samples were exposed to the environment in order to analyze the influence of exposure time and moisture uptake over mechanical properties. The results showed that samples tested right after molding exhibit low mechanical resistance to impact and high Young modulus, while increasing the environmental exposure time reduced the Young modulus and substantially increased the medium failure energy. On the other hand, using C15A increases the medium failure energy, and an important interaction between TPS, moisture and clay was observed.
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