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Title: Isozyme and morphological variation in maize of five Andean countries
Author: Sanchez, G., J.J.
Goodman, M.M.
Bird, R.Mc.K.
Stuber, C.W.
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: To determine the genetic diversity and relationships among the races of maize of five Andean countries, 439 accessions representing 131 races were analyzed for 13 enzyme systems encoded by 23 loci. Most data on morphology, altitude, latitude and longitude were obtained from the original studies of the accessions published by the National Science Foundation. A very high level of variation among the Andean races was found. Most of the 131 Andean races studied fall into 10 reasonably well-defined groups. A total of 228 alleles was recorded for the races of the five countries, with an average of ten alleles per locus. Pointed White Popcorns, North Andean Mid-elevation Flints, Tropical Dents, Tropical Northern Popcorns have the highest diversity values; the lowest diversity values were observed in the complexes from the highlands of Central Andes.
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