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Title: C-26 and C-30 apocarotenoids from seeds of Ditaxis heterantha with antioxidant activity and protection against DNA oxidative damage
Author: Mendez-Robles, M.D.
Permady, H.H.
Jaramillo-Flores, M.E.
Lugo-Cervantes, E.C.
Cardador-Martinez, A.
Canales-Aguirre, A.A.
Lopez-Dellamary, F.
Cerda-Garcia-Rojas, C.M.
Tamariz, J.
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: The hexane extracts of seeds of Ditaxis heterantha afforded two new apocarotenoids whose structures corresponded to methyl 3-oxo-12′-apo- ε-caroten-12′-oate (1) (heteranthin) and methyl 3β,6β- epoxy-5β-hydroxy-4,5-dihydro-8′-apo-ε-caroten-8′-oate (2) (ditaxin). Both compounds were evaluated for antioxidant activity and protection against DNA oxidative damage by using DPPH. free radical scavenging and Comet assays, respectively. © 2006 American Chemical Society and American Society of Pharmacognosy.
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