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Title: Geo-economics and geo-strategic agendas in the security and prosperity partnership of North America (SPPNA) questioning the neo-liberal model [Agendas geoeconómicas y geoestratégicas de la alianza para la seguridad y la prosperidad de norteamérica (ASPAN) cuestionamientos al modelo neoliberal]
Author: Coronado, J.P.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Burn in 2005, in the context of post-9/11 crisis, and eleven years past of NAFTA's beginning functions, the SPPNA emphasizes the security agenda of the United States of America, with a partial vision of anti terrorism, the preventive war, and the homeland security based upon anti immigrants policies and "sealed" frontiers. The results of that Partnership means an aggressive inter-American policy (geostrategics) against the left inspired governments in Latin-America, it also means a struggle against narcotic dealers and producers, that ends in the criminalization of the protestors social movements, and finally means a hardest control of the immigration policies, through the enhancement of military forces at the frontiers space. In the other hand, the SPPNA has a perverse impact on the Latin-American integration by the way of a kind of geoeconomics of fragmentation. The "Prosperity" agenda, suppose to adopt the free trade agreements within the neo-liberal orthodoxy, which means without a social agenda and against the communitarian experiences that are growing at Latin America. Prosperity is the key word in the USA hegemony upon the energetic and natural resources of the region.
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