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Title: Functional and genetic survey of all known single-nucleotide polymorphisms within the human deoxyribonuclease I gene in wide-ranging ethnic groups
Author: Fujihara, J.
Ueki, M.
Yasuda, T.
Iida, R.
Soejima, M.
Koda, Y.
Kimura-Kataoka, K.
Kato, H.
Panduro-Cerda, Arturo
Tongu, M.
Takeshita, H.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the human DNase I gene (DNASE1) might be involved in susceptibility to some common diseases; however, only limited population data are available. Further, the effects of these SNPs on in vivo DNase I activity remain unknown. The genotype and haplotype of all the SNPs in DNASE1 were determined in 3 ethnic groups including 14 populations using newly developed methods. Together with our previous data on the nonsynonymous SNPs, two major haplotypes based on the five exonic SNPs were identified; genetic diversity in the Asian population was low. Among 10 SNPs, other than exonic SNPs in the gene, only 3 were polymorphic among all the populations. Haplotype distribution, based on all the polymorphic SNPs, was clarified to be generally varied in an ethnic-dependent manner. Thus, the genetic aspects of DNASE1 with regard to all the SNPs in wide-ranging ethnic groups could be first demonstrated. Further, there was no correlation of all the polymorphic SNPs other than nonsynonymous ones with serum DNase I activity levels. Polymorphic SNPs other than the exonic SNPs might not be directly related to common diseases through alterations in in vivo levels of the activity. © Copyright 2011, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
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