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Title: Effect of two types of pre-contact descriptions on the instrumental performance and post-contact description on matching to sample tasks [Efecto de dos tipos de descripciones precontacto sobre la ejecución instrumental y descripciones poscontacto en tareas de igualación de la muestra]
Author: Ortiz, G.
Gonzalez, V.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The effects of different kinds of pre-contact descriptions were assessed: a) one specific and pertinent (EP) in the situation components of the stimulus (SE), Response (R), and Consequences (C); and b) one that shows variations about the correct and incorrect ways to perform the experimental task (IC). Using a first order matching-to-sample task, 24 undergraduate students were assigned to one of the six experimental groups that differed on the type of pre-contact description (EP or IC) and received feedback (continuous, accumulated or absent). Participants that received EP pre-contact descriptions showed better results in a transference test, independent of the feedback received, except for the IC group with accumulated feedback. Results are discussed in terms of the factors that allow a pre-contact description to acquire an instructional function.
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