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Title: Between soft power and a hard place: Dilemmas of the Bush Doctrine for inter-American relations
Author: Coronado, J.P.
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Following the classic international relations theory of Joseph Nye, this article tries to identify his influence in the Bush Doctrine. The 'hard power' determines the unilateralism of the military in the foreign affairs of the US government. The 'soft power' is legitimized by the very values on which the Bush Doctrine is based, such as 'civilization', and 'democratic' values, but they are questioned as hegemonic. Inter-American relations show how these tensions between hard and soft power highlight the differences between the Department of State and the militarist branch of the government, through their ideologues, around the struggle of the United States' worldwide hegemony. Copyright © 2005 SAGE Publications.
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