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Title: Additive partitioning of reef fish diversity variation: A promising marine biodiversity management tool
Author: Rodriguez-Zaragoza, F.A.
Cupul-Magana, A.L.
Galvan-Villa, C.M.
Rios-Jara, E.
Ortiz, M.
Robles-Jarero, E.G.
Lopez-Uriarte, E.
Arias-Gonzalez, J.E.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Additive partitioning was applied to variation in reef fish spatial diversity at Isla Isabel National Park, Nayarit state, Mexico, and to identify the environmental and spatial variables that best explains it. Analyses included expected and observed species curves, rare species analysis, additive partitioning of alpha- and beta-diversity, and canonical redundancy analysis. A total of 10,517 individuals were recorded from 75 species and 33 reef fish families, representing 85% of expected richness. Species richness beta-diversity was dependent on the site scale, while the alpha-diversity of the Shannon diversity was most significant at the transect scale. Canonical partitioning showed species richness and Shannon diversity was explained by spatially-structured environmental components. Variation in species composition and abundance was explained by a purely environmental component. Therefore, elements of habitat structure (especially corals), topographic complexity, and refuge availability determine fish species diversity. Our results suggest that greater emphasis is required to conserve sites that promote β-diversity, increasing fish spatial diversity. In Isla Isabel, these sites would be mostly those located at eastern and southern of protected sides, where coral reef patches are well represented. The results of this multi-scale analysis are valuable and useful as an addition and complement to the holistic management strategies implemented at Isla Isabel. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
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