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Title: A network QoS framework for real-time event systems in highly mobile Ad-Hoc environments
Author: Duran-Limon, H.A.
Siller, M.
Hernandez-Ochoa, M.
Quevedo, C.
Robles, V.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: A new class of applications can now be envisaged with the emergence of both mobile ad hoc computing and ubiquitous computing, which imposes a number of new unsolved challenges. Examples of such applications include automatic car control systems and air traffic control systems. Applications of such kind have real-time constraints and are characterised by being highly mobile and proactive, i.e. able to operate without human intervention. Moreover, this kind of applications requires multiple-source multicasting. However, current approaches mainly focus on offering support for continuous flows in low mobile environments where single-source multicasting is assumed. In this paper, we present the QoSMMANET (QoS Management in Mobile Ad hoc Networks) framework, which offers QoS support for real-time event systems in highly mobile ad hoc environments. Our approach is validated by a number of experiments carried out in the ns-2 network simulator.
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