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Title: ?-1,4-glucosidase activity and the presence of germinal epithelium cells in the semen for differential diagnosis of obstructive and nonobstructive azoospermia
Author: Sandoval, L.
Diaz, M.
Rivas, F.
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: Among azoospermics, the activity of seminal ?-glucosidase (?G) is low in obstruction (OBS) cases, but there is no agreement regarding its value in others. With the hypothesis that a more marked decrease in ?G activity occurs in OBS than in spermatogenesis arrest (SA), the enzyme was measured in the following groups: (1) vasectomized males (n = 15), (2) azoospermics with OBS (n = 7), (3) azoospermics with SA (n = 11), and (4) fertile males (n = 15). Patients within groups 2 and 3 had a testicular volume ?15 mL, no clinical evidence of abnormal epididymis, normal serum gonadotropins, and histological diagnosis. ?G activities (mU/g protein, means � SD) by group were (l) 131 � 60, (2) 312 � 186, (3) 728 � 303, and (4) 1176 � 374. All between-group differences were significant (t test, p < .01), except for groups 1 vs. 2 comparison (.05 > p > .01). These results support the notion that SA is associated with a decrease in ?G that is less marked than that seen in OBS. The search for germinal epithelium cells in semen also allows discrimination between these two azoospermic groups.
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