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Title: Visual Servoing on the Sphere Using Conformal Geometric Algebra
Author: Lopez-Franco, C.
Arana-Daniel, N.
Alanis, A.Y.
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This paper deals with a visual servoing scheme, which uses a paracatadioptric sensor as visual input. The paracatadioptric sensor provides a wide field of view while maintaining the single center of projection, which is a desirable property of these sensors. The projection induced by this sensor is nonlinear. In this paper a linear model of this projection is presented, the model is developed using the conformal geometric algebra framework which allows to represent nonlinear conformal transformations using a special type of multivectors called versors. With this model we relate the feature time variation with the camera velocity to design a velocity controller used in a visual servoing task. © 2012 Springer Basel AG.
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