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Title: Syntactic processing in Turner's syndrome
Author: Inozemtseva, O.
Matute, E.
Zarabozo, D.
Ramirez-Duenas, L.
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: A significant controversy concerning language development in Turner's syndrome has been found. Whereas some authors have observed that girls with Turner's syndrome maintain their verbal abilities intact, others have reported significant differences in Wechsler Verbal IQ when compared with normal controls. However, little has been studied about the linguistic characteristics of these patients when using tests to evaluate different linguistic levels. With the aim of assessing syntactic processes, 15 patients with Turner's syndrome (aged 8 to 19 years) were compared with 15 healthy girls, matched by age, Wechsler Full-Scale IQ range, type of school (private or public), and school grade. A syntactic processing battery including 11 different subtests was developed. Compared with controls, the participants with Turner's syndrome obtained a fewer number of correct answers in most of the subtests and shorter latencies in some of them. We concluded that the subjects with Turner's syndrome have difficulties in using syntactic structures. It is suggested that some of these language difficulties are related to disturbances in using spatial-language relationships.
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