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Title: Stress-temperature effects on transitions in PEO17PPO 60PEO17 triblock copolymer micellar solutions
Author: Perez-Garcia, M.G.
Landazuri, G.
Perez-Carrillo, L.A.
Gonzalez-Alvarez, A.
Puig, J.E.
Rharbi, Y.
Armando Soltero, J.F.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: In this work, the shear thickening behavior of micellar solutions of the PEO17PPO60PEO17 triblock copolymer as a function of applied shear stress and temperature is reported. Both, dynamic light scattering and rheological measurements, confirm micellar growth upon increasing temperature and/or applied stress, after an induction time. A synergetic effect of temperature and stress on the intensity of shear thickening (up to three-order of magnitude) is demonstrated by a combination of T-jump experiments and application of shear stress. The effect of temperature on the induction and saturation times, detected during the viscosity rise after applying both, a T-jump and shear stress, is also examined. � AOCS 2013.
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