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Title: Some anthropologic aspects of the physician-patient encounter with pulmonary tuberculosis in western mexico [Algunos aspectos antropológicos del encuentro médico-paciente con tuberculosis pulmonar en el occidente de méxico]
Author: García De Alba-García, J.E.
Rubel, A.J.
Moore, C.C.
Marquez-Amezcua, M.
Casasola, S.
Von Glascoe, C.
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: The present work has as its purpose a description of the information exchanged during doctor-patient encounters immediately following diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. To accomplish this nine such encounters were audiotape at two public health clinics in Guadalajara, Mexico. Communication of information and affect was evaluated by adapting the Roter interactional process analysis. Results show that the physician instructed the patient to behave in ways to prevent disease transmission while assuring patient recovery. Virtually lacking from these recordings is evidence of physician concern with the struggle patients experience to incorporate this regimen of directly observed therapy in to their daily lives. Because these sessions are managed by clinicians to encourage a unidirectional flow of information from physician to patient, the former fail to attain either patient cultural understanding of his/her disease process or comprehensive understanding of how he is affected she by the illness.
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