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Title: Salvia albicalyx and Salvia topiensis (Lamiaceae), two new species from Durango, Mexico
Author: Schaum, A.
García-Sandoval, J.P.
Alvarez, J.
Gonzalez-Alvarez, V.
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The saturated Output-Feedback (OF) control problem for a class of four-state anaerobic digestors with volatile fatty acids (VFAs) measurement is addressed. The reactor must operate about an optimal steady-state, with maximum VFA consumption, that is locally stable but not structurally unstable. The problem is addressed as an interlaced control-observer design within a geometric control framework in the light of passivity, observability, and bifurcation properties. The result is a saturated linear PI OF controller with global robust stability conditions in terms of control gains and limits. The proposed approach is illustrated with a representative case example through numerical simulations. " 2012 IFAC.",,,,,,"10.3182/20120710-4-SG-2026.00026",,,"","",,,,,,"PART 1",,"IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline)",,"573
578",,"8",,"Scopus",,,,,,"Continuous anaerobic digestion; Control input constraints; Global robust stability; PI control; Stoichiometric invariants",,,,,,"Saturated output-feedback control of continuous anaerobic digestors",,"Conference Paper" "46130","123456789/35008",,"Medina, E., Laboratorio de Fotoquímica, Depto. de Ing. Química, Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico; Robillard, J., Laboratorio de Fotoquímica, Depto. de Ing. Química, Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico",,"Medina, E.
Robillard, J.",,"1997",,"A simple device for warning of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation is described. The device uses the amplified photochromic reaction of a photochromic material irradiated by the sunlight reflected from the skin. The change of color is compared to the permanent color of a dye with an optical density corresponding to a maximum safe exposure of the skin.",,,,,,,,,"","",,,,,,,,"Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology Section A: Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals",,"265
270",,"297-298",,"Scopus",,,,,,,,,,,,"Safetan, a sun exposure indicator based on photochromism",,"Article" "46134","123456789/35008",,"González-Gallegos, J.G., Herbario Luz María Villarreal de Puga (IBUG), Instituto de Botánica, Departamento de Botánica y Zoología, Universidad de Guadalajara-CUCBA, km 15.5 carretera Guadalajara-Nogales, Las Agujas, Nextipac, Zapopan, CP 45110, JAL, Mexico",,"Gonzalez-Gallegos, J.G.",,"2013",,"Two new species of Salvia, exclusively endemics to Durango, Mexico, are described and illustrated. Salvia albicalyx is similar to Salvia leucantha, especially in habit, but it can be distinguished by floral bracts, pedicel, calyx and corolla size, corolla color, and lower corolla lip shape. Salvia topiensis resembles Salvia decora, but differs in various aspects: cuneate to long-attenuate blade bases; larger floral bracts, calyces, corollas and fruits; more crowded inflorescences; and internally epapillate corolla tubes. " 2013 Magnolia Press.
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