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Title: H? Fabry-perot study in the Orion nebula (M 42): Protoplanetary disks
Author: De la Fuente, E.
Rosado, M.
Arias, L.
Ambrocio-Cruz, P.
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: We summarize the kinematical results obtained from an H? Fabry-Perot study of some proplyds in the Orion nebula. These results are presented in detail in de la Fuente et al. (2003 a,b). We obtained heliocentric systemic velocities, mass loss rates, disks life-times and radial velocity profoles, finding that Fabry-Perot interferometry constitutes an efective technique for the detection of proplyds. We also present a brief summary of some astrobiological aspects presented by Throop et al. (2001, 2002). We illustrate our results using the proplyds 168-326, 167-317, 163-317, 158-323, 158-327 and 161-314.
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