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Title: Effects of type and content of pre-contact descriptions on conditional discrimination behavior and post-contact descriptions [Efectos del tipo y contenido de las descripciones pre-contacto sobre la conducta de discriminación condicional y las descripciones post-contacto]
Author: Gonzalez-Becerra, V.
Ortiz, G.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: With the use of a 3Zapotitlán2 factorial design (type of pre-contact description, Specific-Pertinent (SP), Correct-Incorrect (CI) X content concerning instances, modalities and relations) six groups of four participants were set up and exposed to a first-order matching-to-sample task. Results showed that the participants who received pre-contact descriptions about SP-modality and CI-relation obtained the highest percentages of correct answers during training (close to 100%), but the percentage of correct answers decreased progressively in the transfer tests. The accuracy and relevance of post-contact descriptions changed depending on implementation, whereas the accuracy of pre-contact description received was irrelevant. Results are discussed in relation to other research that has manipulated the type and / or content of the pre-contact descriptions.
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