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Title: Effects of precision and pertinence of a precontact description' stimulus situation component [Efectos de precisiZapotitlánn y pertinencia del componente situación de estémulo de una descripción precontacto]
Author: Ortiz, G.
Gonzalez, V.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: An important aspect for the acquisition of instructional functions by a precontact description is the interaction of its relevance and specificity with the feedback frequency. Studies made in the area have focused its interest in the manipulation of the description's Response (R) component; with the purpose of beginning with the assessment of the effects to manipulate Stimulus Situation (SE) component, and using a first order matching-to-sample task, 36 pre- graduate students were assigned to one of the nine experimental groups, that differ by the type of precontact description and the feedback frequency received. Results shows that participants that did not receive feedback, obtained the worse results, whereas those that received continuous feedback were superiors, being better those that received Specific and Non Pertinent precontact descriptions.
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