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Title: Effects of environmental variables on eating behavior in rats: A conceptual and historical review [Efectos de variables ambientales sobre la ingesta de alimento en ratas: Una revisión histórico-conceptual]
Author: de Jesus Diaz-Resendiz, F.
Franco-Paredes, K.
Martinez-Moreno, A.G.
Lopez-Espinoza, A.
Aguilera-Cervantes, V.G.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The purpose of this review was to show the effects of environmental variables on the eating behavior in rats. The eating behavior and its related variables have been analyzed since a variety of perspectives. The present review included studies in which rats were used as subjects and the total food intake or any operant response related to obtaining food was registered. Two variables, inter access-to-food interval and access-to-food duration, are suggested as possible integrating variables given that both are common to many experimental procedures. These variables set the occasion for developing an animal experimental model that includes cases related to eating human behavior such as anorexia or bulimia.
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