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Title: Effective optical response of metamaterials
Author: Ortiz, G.P.
Martinez-Zerega, B.E.
Mendoza, B.S.
Mochan, W.L.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: We use a homogenization procedure for Maxwell's equations in order to obtain in the local limit the frequency-dependent macroscopic dielectric-response tensor ? ij M (?) of metamaterials made of a matrix with inclusions of any geometrical shape repeated periodically with any lattice structure. We illustrate the formalism calculating ? ij M (?) for several structures. For dielectric rectangular inclusions within a conducting material we obtain an anisotropic response that may change from conductorlike at low ? to dielectriclike with resonances at large ?, attaining a very small reflectance at intermediate frequencies which can be tuned through geometrical tailoring. A simple explanation allowed us to predict and confirm similar behavior for other shapes, even isotropic, close to the percolation threshold. 2009 The American Physical Society.
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