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Title: Copper removal from aqueous media using a cylindrical flow electrochemical reactor
Author: Carreon-Alvarez, A.
Rodriguez-Arreola, A.
Guitron-Robles, O.
Gomez-Salazar, S.
Barcena-Soto, M.
Casillas, N.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The construction and application of an electrochemical cylindrical flow reactor packed with copper wires, was used to eliminate Cu2+ ions from dilute aqueous CuSO4 solutions. The cathode of reactor was constructed with a series copper wire cylindrical hanks, piled up one on top of the other. The anode consisted of a graphite road electrode surrounded with a drilled PVC tube wrapped with Celgard that serves to separate both the cathode and anode electrodes. Current and potential are supplied by an external power source. Results for Cu2+ ion concentration profile for dilute aqueous solutions applying an 8 V potential and a 0.17 cm3/s flow are reported. Copper removal efficiency ranges from 35 to 70% for all the samples examined. The experimental concentration profile fits an exponential decay along the axial reactor coordinate, in agreement with the theory for porous tubular flow reactors. A decrease in both solution conductivity and pH due to the reduction of copper ion concentration and water oxidation was observed. The Electrochemical Society.
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