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Title: Changes in hemoglobin in patients with hemolytic anemia [Alteraciones de la hemoglobina en pacientes con anemia hemol�tica.]
Author: Perez, G.
de la Pena, M.E.
Esparza, A.
Mejia, A.
Vazquez, V.
Aguilar Luna, J.C.
Gonzalez, J.
Lopez-Guido, B.
Ornelas, M.L.
Ibarra, B.
Issue Date: 1990
Abstract: Hb alterations studied throughout 2 years in 129 patients are reported, these patients had hemolytic anemia or the possibility of a hemoglobinopathy : 5 were heterozygotes to thalassemia b; 3 were compound-heterozygote of thalassemia a1 and thalassemia a2; 2 for thalassemia b and 2 for thalassemia b and Hb S; 2 homozygotes and 2 heterozygotes for Hb S; 2 was bearing unstable Hb and the other had Hereditary Persistence of Hb F. These results allow the conclusion that thalassemia is the Hb alteration which most frequently causes hemolytic anemia in our population and underscores the importance of the study of these pathologies in selected populations.
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