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Title: An extra idic(21)(q22.1) in a child with some features of Down's syndrome
Author: Gutierrez-Angulo, M.
Ramos, A.L.
Davalos, N.
Sanchez-Corona, J.
Rivera, H.
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: A 30-month-old boy with mental retardation, hypotonia, joint hyperlaxity, Brushfield spots, open mouth, distal axial triradius t', and ulnar loops on both forefingers was found to have a 47,XY, + psu idic(2l)(q22.1).ish psu idic(21)(q22.1)(D13Z1/D21Z1 + +,ETS2-) karyotype. The patient's phenotype, with only some Down's syndrome (DS) features, is probably related to his disomy for most or all of the critical region 21q22.2 ? q22.3 and agrees with the current notion that certain DS features may also result from 21q proximal duplications. The phenotypical comparison with 2 other patients with a similar extra idic(21) reveals some discrepancies, which may be related to the inherent clinical variability of similar imbalances; yet, a real difference between the tetrasomic segments cannot be excluded. Noticeably, all 3 patients with 21q proximal tetrasomy did not have cardiac defect and exhibited none or just one out of the five other DS phenotypic features attributed to a single gene or cluster on distal 21q22.
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