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Title: Adhesion between polypropylene and steel by over moulding
Author: Sanchez-Soto, M.
Illescas, S.
Abt, T.
Candal, M.V.
Gomez, J.F.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: In this work, a hybrid polypropylene (PP)/steel car part (Traverse leg) was created by over moulding. PP was modified with 10%wt. of PP-g-Ma coupling agent. Different surface treatments were applied to the steel determining its influence on adhesion. Best peel strength was reached when the steel was sanded. Etching and shot peened plates showed similar but lower levels of adhesion. In all cases, the application of torch heating was necessary to create a thin layer of iron oxide strongly bonded to the steel and by reaction to the PP-g-Ma. To create adhesion a minimum steel temperature of 120°C was necessary.
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