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dc.contributor.authorRamos-Zuniga R
dc.contributor.authorPerez-Gomez HR
dc.contributor.authorGaytan-Martinez LA
dc.contributor.authorVega-Ruiz B
dc.contributor.authorSoto-Rodriguez S
dc.contributor.authorRochin-Mozqueda A
dc.identifier.issn1576-6578; 0210-0010
dc.description.abstractINTRODUCTION: There are limited evidences reported of temporal lobe epilepsy associated with active cysticercosis in cystic stage. The objective is to present the correlation between active cysticercosis in topographical zones associated with temporal lobe epilepsy, with neuropsychiatric manifestations and pattern of secondarily generalized partial seizures. CASE REPORTS: Two cases of adult patients with neuropsychiatric manifestations of one year evolution, refractory to antipsychotic drug treatment, and who subsequently appear late onset partial-secondarily generalized seizures. Cysticercosis active presence in the temporal lobe in one patient, and the insula in the other, is identified. A better clinical control after albendazol treatment and subsequently anticonvulsant therapy only remained to evaluate pertinence of pharmacological withdrawal criteria. CONCLUSIONS: Active neurocysticercosis, may be the cause of acquired neuropsychiatric disorders and temporal lobe epilepsy of late onset when the topography is in the mesolimbic circuit. Early etiologic diagnosis and appropriate treatment allows adequate control of their symptoms and potentially final cure.; Publisher: Abstract available from the publisher.; Language: Spanish
dc.title[Temporal lobe epilepsy and active neurocysticercosis: two representative case reports]
dc.title.alternativeEpilepsia del lobulo temporal y neurocisticercosis activa: dos casos representativos.
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.relation.ispartofjournalRevista de neurologia
dc.subject.keywordIndex Medicus
dc.contributor.affiliationRamos-Zuniga,Rodrigo. Universidad de Guadalajara. Centro Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud (CUCS), Guadalajara, Mexico.
dc.description.noteRecord Owner: From MEDLINE, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.; Status: In-Process; [Spanish]; Publishing Model: Journal available in: Print Citation processed from: Internet; NLM Journal Code: cg9, 7706841
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