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No association between dermatoglyphics and atopic asthma in children.Corona-Rivera, E; Corona-Rivera, JR; Santana-Gonzalez, A; Perez-Molina, JJ; Corona-Rivera, A; Nunez-Nunez, E--
Familial premature centromere division report: cell cycle studies and review of the literature.Corona-Rivera, A; Garca-Cobian, TA; Salamanca-Gomez, F; Palomino-Cueva, C; Bobadilla-Morales, L; Corona-Rivera, JR; Corona-Rivera, E--
Trigonocephaly-associated hypotelorism in an infant with trisomy 9q(p13 -> qter).Corona-Rivera, JR; Corona-Rivera, A; Gonzalez-Ramirez, JA; Gonzalaz-Abarca, S; García-Cobian, TA; Bobadilla-Morales, L; Corona-Rivera, E--
Chromosomal damage frequency in hospital personnel exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation.Ceja-Andrade, I; Coroni-Rivera, A; García-Cobian, TA; Bobadilla-Morales, L; Corona-Rivera, JR; Aceves-Escarcega, A; Corona-Rivera, E--
Cleft lip and/or palate in two cases of 46,X,i(Xq) Turner syndromeCorona-Rivera, JR; Corona-Rivera, E; Bobadilla-Morales, L; García-Cobian, TA; Corona-Rivera, A--
Chromosome instability induced in vitro with mitomicyn C in five Seckel syndrome patients.Bobadilla-Morales, L; Corona-Rivera, A; Corona-Rivera, JR; García-Cobian, TA; García-Cruz, D; Corona-Rivera, E--