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Allele and haplotype distribution for 16 Y-STRs (AmpFlSTRZapotitlán Y-filerZapotitlán kit) in the state of Chihuahua at North Center of MexicoGutierrez-Alarcon, A.B.; Moguel-Torres, M.; Leon-Jimenez, A.K.; Cuellar-Nevarez, G.E.; Rangel-Villalobos, H.--
Allele frequency distributions of six Amp-FLPS (D1S80, APO-B, VWA, TH01, CSF1PO and HPRTB) in a Mexican populationRangel-Villalobos, H.; Rivas, F.; Torres-Rodriguez, M.; Jaloma-Cruz, A.R.; Gallegos-Arreola, M.P.; Lopez-Satow, J.; Cantu, J.M.; Figuera, L.E.--
Discrete-time sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motorsMartinez-Cortes, G.; Salazar-Flores, J.; Haro-Guerrero, J.; Rubi-Castellanos, R.; Velarde-Felix, J.S.; Munoz-Valle, J.F.; Lopez-Casamichana, M.; Carrillo-Tapia, E.; Canseco-Avila, L.M.; Bravi, C.M.; Lopez-Armenta, M.; Rangel-Villalobos, H.--
White blood cell segmentation by circle detection using electromagnetism-like optimizationPaez-Riberos, L.A.; Munoz-Valle, J.F.; Figuera, L.E.; Nuno-Arana, I.; Sandoval-Ramirez, L.; Gonzalez-Martin, A.; Ibarra, B.; Rangel-Villalobos, H.--
Yeast species associated with spontaneous fermentation of taberna, a traditional palm wine from the southeast of MexicoRomo-Martinez, E.J.; Martinez-Cortes, G.; Barajas-Torres, R.L.; Rubi-Castellanos, R.; Magana-Torres, M.T.; Rangel-Villalobos, H.; Gonzalez-García, J.R.--
Admixture estimates and statistical parameters of forensic importance based on PowerPlexZapotitlán 16 system in Mexican-Mestizos from the States of Guanajuato (Center) and Veracruz (East)Rangel-Villalobos, H.; Rubi-Castellanos, R.; Morales-Vallejo, M.E.; Molina-Araujo, V.; Licea-Cadena, R.A.; Rizzo-Juarez, S.; Muniz-Lozano, F.E.; Nuno-Arana, I.; Munoz-Valle, J.F.--
Deflazacort: A glucocorticoid with few metabolic adverse effects but important immunosuppressive activityVelarde-Felix, J.S.; Salazar-Flores, J.; Martinez-Cortes, G.; Flores García, A.; Munoz-Valle, J.F.; Rios-Tostado, J.J.; Rubi-Castellanos, R.; Rangel-Villalobos, H.--
Analyzing the genetic structure of the Tepehua in relation to other neighbouring Mesoamerican populations. A study based on allele frequencies of STR markersGonzalez-Martin, A.; Gorostiza, A.; Rangel-Villalobos, H.; Acunha, V.; Barrot, C.; Sanchez, C.; Ortega, M.; Gene, M.; Calderon, R.--
Duchenne muscular dystrophy in a developing country: Challenges in management and genetic counselingLopez-Hernandez, L.B.; Gomez-Diaz, B.; Escobar-Cedillo, R.E.; Gama-Moreno, O.; Camacho-Molina, A.; Soto-Valdes, D.M.; Anaya-Segura, M.A.; Luna-Padron, E.; Zuniga-Guzman, C.; Lopez-Hernandez, J.A.; Vazquez-Cardenas, N.A.; Sanchez-Chapul, L.; Rangel-Villalobos, H.; Canto, P.; Lopez-Cardona, M.G.; García, S.; Mendez-Covarrubias, G.; Coral-Vazquez, R.M.--
Ancestry informative markers and admixture proportions in northeastern MexicoMartinez-Fierro, M.L.; Beuten, J.; Leach, R.J.; Parra, E.J.; Cruz-Lopez, M.; Rangel-Villalobos, H.; Riego-Ruiz, L.R.; Ortiz-Lopez, R.; Martinez-Rodriguez, H.G.; Rojas-Martinez, A.--