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A new species of Oxyporus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxyporinae) from Mexico, with notes on some poorly known speciesIltis, H.H.; Gonzalez-Gallegos, J.G.; Cochrane, T.S.; Vazquez-García, J.A.--
Agave jimenoi (Polycephalae group, Asparagaceae) a new species from the Totonacapan region, Veracruz, MexicoChazaro-Basanez, M.; Vazquez-García, J.A.--
Agave temacapulinensis (Agavaceae), a new ditepalous species from the Los Altos Region, Jalisco, MexicoVazquez-García, J.A.; De Jesus Chazaro-Basanez, M.; Muniz-Castro, M.A.; Nieves-Hernandez, G.--
Agave valenciana (Agavaceae), a gigantic new species from Jalisco, MexicoChazaro-Basanez, M.; Vazquez-García, J.A.; Vargas-Rodriguez, Y.L.--
Echeveria munizii (Crassulaceae) a new species of epiphyte from tropical Volcán de Colima, MexicoVazquez-García, J.A.; Jimeno-S., D.; Cuevas-G., R.; Chazaro-B., M.; Muniz-Castro, M.A.--
Echeveria munizii (Crassulaceae) a new species of epiphyte from tropical VolcZapotitlánn de Colima, MexicoVazquez-García, J.A.; Nieves-Hernandez, G.; Padilla-Lepe, J.; Teresa Nuno-Rubio, A.; Chazaro-Basanez, M.--
General properties of quantum optical systems in a strong-field limitVazquez-García, J.A.; Muniz-Castro, M.A.; Sahagun-Godinez, E.; Chazaro-Basanez, M.D.J.; Castro-Arce, E.D.; Nieves-Hernandez, G.; Padilla-Lepe, J.--
Molecular epidemiology of HIV type 1 in Mexico: Emergence of BG and BF intersubtype recombinantsVazquez-García, J.A.; Shalisko, V.; Cuevas-Guzman, R.; Muniz-Castro, M.A.; Mantilla-Blandon, M.R.--
Nondiffracting beams for vortex tomographyVargas-Rodriguez, Y.L.; Vazquez-García, J.A.; Williamson, G.B.--
Selecting relict montane cloud forests for conservation priorities: The case of Western MexicoVargas-Rodriguez, Y.L.; Platt, W.J.; Vazquez-García, J.A.; Boquin, G.--